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Learn The Facts About Skin Abscesses

Boils, also known as abscesses, are skin infections that stem from oil glands or hair follicles. The abundance of sweat glands around the face, shoulders, neck, and armpits make these common areas for boils to form. Symptoms of boils are red skin and tender lumps. In the four to seven days after a boil appears, its color turns white as pus develops under the skin. An individual boil is not an urgent medical issue, but the presence of several boils can indicate carbuncle, a severe type of infection.

The cause of most boils is a germ called staphylococcal bacteria. The bacteria enters the skin through small openings and generates a boil. People with particular medical issues, namely diabetes and immune-system deficiencies, are more susceptible to boils, as are people who have poor nutrition and hygiene, or those who are exposed to harsh, skin-irritating chemicals. Home remedies for boils include a warm compress or warm water soak. Once the boil bursts, the area should be washed with antibacterial soap and then treated with a topical antibiotic and bandage. Popping a boil with a pin is not advised and may result in the increased risk of infection. If the skin around a boil turns red, the boil does not drain, or additional boils appear, it is necessary to seek medical attention.

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