Candidiasis Information & Treatment

Recognize The Symptoms of Candidiasis

When the candida fungus that lives on human skin meets the right environment for growth, the result is Candidiasis, an infection. The most common instances of Candidiasis on the skin occur in infants. When infants have severe diaper rash that is left untreated, the rash can become infected and turn into candidiasis. In cases of candidiasis that last for multiple days, dermatological treatments become necessary. Another form of candidiasis is a yeast infection. Although it is an infection that is internal to the body, a dermatologist can still often treat a yeast infection with a topical remedy.

Skin rash is the primary symptom of cutaneous candidiasis. Effects of the outbreak include redness of the skin and an intense itching sensation. Severe instances of candidiasis may lead to cracked skin and the development of blisters and pustules. Common areas of the body for the infection to occur are the groin, the armpits, between the fingers, and around the other areas that have skin folds.

Treatments for candidiasis are available from a skin-care specialist and include topical antifungal agents. If the candidiasis infection is paronychia, a pus-filled sore near the fingernail, the physician must first drain the abscess.

The symptoms of candidiasis infection are similar to other skin conditions. What appears to be candidiasis may, in reality, be psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, herpes, ringworm, or hives. A dermatologist can examine the symptoms and diagnose the specific condition.

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