Hidradenitis Suppurativa In Boardman, OH

Learn to Recognize & Treat Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) is caused by an unidentified disease. The symptoms of this skin condition often resemble the pimple-shaped bumps that are common in acne, but the difference is that HS affects areas of the body acne generally does not, such as the underarms and groin. Hidradenitis suppurativa worsens over time. Therefore, early detection of HS by a dermatologist is essential to avoid more painful symptoms. If left without treatment, the pimple-like bumps can rupture and release bloody pus. These deeper bumps that burst and heal can also leave behind unsightly scars that inhibit the physical motion of the arms and legs.

It takes a dermatologist to diagnose hidradenitis suppurativa and apply the correct treatment because symptoms of the disease so closely mimic other skin conditions. In addition to acne pimples, HS can appear as acne-related cysts and blackheads, folliculitis, and boils.

There are a couple of early signs of hidradenitis suppurativa.

  • A single breakout of bumps that resemble pimples or boils has broken out on underarm, groin, upper thighs, or other body folds.
  • Breakouts remain on the skin for long periods of time, or the bumps clear up and then reappear.

If hidradenitis suppurativa goes without treatment, the disease can metastasize and produce more severe symptoms.

  • Breakouts manifest deeper into the skin and become more painful.
  • Bumps start to rupture and release a foul-smelling fluid.
  • Ruptured bumps cause scarring that grows thicker over time.
  • Skin cancer develops, in rare cases.

Dermatologists can diagnose hidradenitis suppurativa visually, although some patients may need to perform additional blood tests. Treatment options that dermatologists offer for HS often include a complement of remedies, such as prescription acne washes and medicines couples with bleach baths. Laser surgery, excision, and more surgical options likewise are available to treat severe cases of the disease.

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