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Scabies Treatment In Boardman, OH

Know The Signs & What to Do About Scabies

Scabies is a common, extremely itchy rash caused by mites. The eight-legged human itch mite, which is too small for the naked eye to discern, burrows under the top layer of skin to feed and live. In response to the mite’s presence, the skin breaks out in a rash. The might can travel between hosts through direct contact. Without a host, the bug survives no longer than four days. Scabies afflicts people all around the globe with no discrimination for age, income, or hygienic standards. Because of how common scabies incidents are, dermatologists can quickly diagnose and treat the condition.

Once contracted, the symptoms of scabies take two to six weeks to develop in first-time carriers. People who have had scabies before will see symptoms appear in one to four days. The primary symptom of scabies is an itch that is intense enough to keep a person awake at night. Scabies rashes can develop with red bumps that resemble hives, eczema, acne, or bug bites. The repeated scratching of a scabies rash may produce sores that are prone to infection. Severe cases of scabies, known as crusted scabies, can occur when a multitude of mites burrow all at once. As a result, thick crusts form on the skin.

In most cases of scabies, a dermatologist can diagnose the condition with a visual examination. Early detection of scabies is vital. While the condition isn’t life-threatening, scabies does lead to unmitigated itching by the person with the mites. That itching can produce additional complications such as skin infections.

Dermatologists treat scabies with different lotions, creams, and ointments. The specific remedy depends on the age and condition of the patient and the severity of the scabies outbreak.

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