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Pruritus is a general classification for itchy skin. There are a variety of skin conditions that might cause pruritus. The most common causes are dry skin, skin diseases, and, in rare instances, cancer. While any person can be affected by pruritus, the elderly and pregnant women tend to be more susceptible. People with eczema, seasonal allergies, asthma, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, and specific forms of cancer likewise face higher incident rates of pruritus.

Usually, a physician must identify the underlying causes of pruritus before assigning a treatment for the condition. When pruritus is the side-effect of medication, changing that medicine generally solves the issue. Treatment of other cases of pruritus may require a topical steroid prescribed by a dermatologist. Other known remedies include antihistamines, antibiotics, and steroid pills.

According to dermatologists, an effective way to prevent pruritus is to practice essential skin care.

  • Preempt dry skin with topical moisturizing creams and lotions.
  • Apply sunscreen to avoid the skin inflammation from sunburns.
  • Use mild soaps to wash hands and bathe.
  • Replace clothes made of wool and synthetic fabrics with breathable cotton.

In cases of mild pruritus, the application of a cool washcloth to the afflicted area may curb the symptoms. Scratching should be avoided until the condition heals. If the itching sensation caused by pruritus does not subside, a dermatologist should examine the area before the symptoms worsen.

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